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EASY-PACK wrap-around packaging

    Mailes variable in height, with self-adhesive flap and rip open string
    • Excellent edge and corner protection for mailed goods by means of double layer absorption edges made of rigid brown corrugated cardboard
    • Outstandingly simple in use, saves times in handling
    • Self-adhesive flap for secure closing without additional devices such as adhesive tape, clips, etc.
    • Integrated rip open string ensures simple opening for recipient
    • Different sizes, so suitable for different mail package sizes
    • Recycling logo on every mailer
    • Also available in consumer packs

    Time and cost saving closing
    by means of self-adhesive flap

    Simple opening by means
    of integrated rip string

    Article Description

    Internal dimension
    in mm /
    variable in height, H up to …

    per piece in g


    Sales Unit

    EASY-PACK 51 1)

    130 x 150 / H up to 50 mm



    25 pcs.

    EASY-PACK 56

    190 x 265 / H up to 48 mm



    25 pcs.

    EASY-PACK 68 2)

    330 x 455 / H up to 70 mm



    25 pcs.

    1) EASY-PACK 51 suitable für 1-5 CDs in Jewel Cases
    2) EASY-PACK 68 suitable for vinyl LPs (album cover) and Laser Discs

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