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    The sustainable alternative to bubble wrap
    Einfache Verwendung von NatureWrap zum sicheren Verpacken
    NaturWrap Polstermaterial
    NaturWrap Polstermaterial
    NatureWrap Polstermaterial Schritt 1 aufrollen
    NatureWrap Polstermaterial Schritt 2 Gegenstand platzieren
    NatureWrap Polstermaterial Schritt 3 einwickeln
    NatureWrap Polstermaterial Schritt 4 verriegeln
    NaturWrap PolstermaterialNatureWrap Polstermaterial Schritt 1 aufrollenNatureWrap Polstermaterial Schritt 2 Gegenstand platzierenNatureWrap Polstermaterial Schritt 3 einwickelnNatureWrap Polstermaterial Schritt 4 verriegeln

    Good cushioning and protective properties.
    100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

    • For packing, shipping and protecting delicate items
    • The interleaf tissue paper protects delicate items from being scratched
    • Detachable without tools, easy to tear at the exact length needed
    • Honeycomb cells interlock to themselves eliminating the need for tape
    • Width 40 cm, length 9 mtrs.
    • 100% paper, FSC® certified
    NIPS Ordnungssysteme GmbH ist ein zertifiziertes Unternehmen. Unsere Zertifikats-Nummer: TUEV-COC-000286 Unsere Lizenz-Nummer: FSC C111805 Nur Artikel mit (FSC®) in der Artikelbezeichnung sind entsprechend zertifiziert.

    Delivery unit:

    NatureWrap rolled with banderole incl. barcode and application photos

    packed in sales promoting floor display (W 60 x D 40 x H 165 cm)

    or carton container (W 80 x D 60 x H 101 cm)

    The use of plastic is increasingly viewed critically by consumers in a wide variety of product segments. This primarily relates to packaging and consumer goods.

    NIPS is now offering an interesting alternative to conventional bubble wrap with the article NatureWrap for DIY stores, especially in a sales-friendly display presentation.

    The padding material made of kraft paper is stamped flat in a special processing process, which is formed as a honeycomb structure by pulling it when it is unrolled.

    Easily understandable application photos illustrate the product properties and show application examples. An original product attached to the display offers the customer the opportunity to understand the product on site.

    Article Description

    (W x L)




    Sales Unit

    NatureWrap Wrapping Paper
    in promotion display (80 x 60 x 165 cm)

    0.40 x 9 m




    70 rolls

    NatureWrap Wrapping Paper
    in carton container (80 x 60 x 102 cm)

    0.40 x 9 m




    48 rolls

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